D.C. on My Mind

I was in Washington this week and was blown away again by how much I love it there. I unabashedly adore New York, but it seems I am in love with DC, too.

I think the more time I spend in these bustling metropolises my life in North Carolina seems rather safe. Don’t get me wrong. I do love North Carolina! It is a gorgeous state with a lot of really, really smart people — NC has the highest number of PhDs and MDs than anywhere else in the country. It’s where I went to college and it’s where we raise our daughters. I love it here.

There is, however, this nagging feeling that we need to move. My spirit is restless.

Whenever I’m in New York, DC, or Chicago I always leave with this biting urge to live elsewhere. This is indeed the year that we make baby steps to living somewhere other than North Carolina. My mom lives in the DC area and that is a huge plus. I can’t wait to see it happen.

**View from my hotel window at the Hotel Palomar. Looking down on P Street. Washington, DC.


  1. Jennifer, Come to DC! Not only is your Mama here, there are a ton of great bloggers here too…Next time you come to town, let me know and maybe I can organize a meet-up! Also would be great for you to network with others re schools, neighborhoods, etc….


  2. It sounds like a very exciting, yet daunting time. It seems that you and your family are making wise decisions based on experience and research, good for you! The pay off will be awesome in the end! I look forward to seeing the final destination.


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