How to Ensure Your Blog Stays Relevant, Or How Not to Go Down the Tubes Like the Flip Camera

As you’ve probably heard Cisco bid adieu to the Flip video camera last week. I can remember a few years ago when every mom blogger was given a Flip. At every turn I was given one — at events, at conferences, in the mail. It was crazy! In fact, I had so many that I just started giving them away. Every time I received one, I gave it away.

What happened to the Flip, you ask?

It became irrelevant. Quickly! Who needs another device (no matter how small) when your smart phone can do everything for you?

It’s just like when brands entered the mom blogging scene a few years ago. Some bloggers adapted to it and are still around today. Believe me, many more fell by the wayside because they didn’t want to or couldn’t figure out how to incorporate brands into a blog about their everyday life.

Staying relevant is always a chore. How do you keep your blog from going the way of the Flip video camera?

1) Stay up on the tech trends. Go mobile! Don’t get lazy about keeping your blog technologically up-to-date. Adding plugins to your posts is a definite must! It is extremely easy to do on WordPress. And you can easily grab code from sites like Add This and Share This to add to your blog’s code if you use another blogging platform.

You can also get a free Android app (and potentially an Apple app if you have enough traffic) for your blog at Notice Software. It’s completely free. I’m working with them now to create a monster app for Mom Bloggers Club and Mom Blog magazine. And I just read in the New York Times that you will soon be able to make your blog “swipable” through new software called OnSwipe. Keep an eye out for it and sign up for the beta preview. OnSwipe will be available for all WordPress blogs in the very near future, which for all of you WordPress junkies is fabulous news.

2. Keep you content relevant. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and blog about the mundane. Much of what personal blogging is is about the mundane, but make sure you are feeding your readers content they can’t get anywhere else. That means put a unique or creative spin to your posts. And by all means make sure your content is consistent. Nothing fuels irrelevance more than gaps in your post schedule. I have learned that the hard way!

3. Be aware of changes around you. Climbing into your own self-centered tunnel and not noticing what is happening around you in the blogging and social media space is one thing that will drive you into irrelevance quickly. Be observant. There’s a difference between being a follower of the latest craze and noticing what’s going on. Learn to be discerning about what you think will stick and will make a difference in your world. There are tons of new social media services and apps that pop up every week, but will you use them? That’s the ultimate question you have to ask of yourself.

4. Innovate. Be a Thought Leader. Being a thought leader doesn’t mean being a perpetual griper. Stand up for new ideas, push the envelope, and try new things. Package yourself into one simple and easy personal brand that people remember and relate to.

The final way to remain relevant is to deliver stellar content to your readers that compels them to come back to your blog and share their content with their readers.


  1. Oh, how I LOVE my Flip Camera. I had a first generation version and ultimately upgraded to the HD version. I wish FLIP had done more to engage bloggers/vloggers. While shooting video on a smart phone is surely an alternative, the quality isn’t always the best. I tried to help them stay alive by pitching them a couple of times but they wouldn’t call me back. Ha. Sad but so.


    • So true! I have a Flip knock-off that my kids used to use after I gave all mine away. Now my girls take video on the newest iPod Touch. Apple is a monster and kills everything in its path!


  2. Is it really irrelevant? I love my Flip camera! I am not going to stop using it either. #stubborn LOL
    I like this blog post. Sometimes we all need the reiteration.
    Way to go on the monster app!


  3. Well I’m still one of the unlucky few that does not have a flip camera to boast about.
    Your post is very nice I am learning a lot from you. I always hear of new sites I didn’t
    know about before like Add This or Share This. I like it that you help keep me on track
    for new things. Thanks!


  4. I´m sitting here trying to catch up with a week´s worth of work and all I want to do is create my free Android app!! Thanks for the awesome tip! I´m definitely a tip junkie ;)

    Re: the Flip. I had just finished ordering 20 branded Flips for a blogger event I´m coordinating for a client next week. I guess they should definitely hold on to this piece of vintage now!


  5. I’m with Ana! Trying to catch up on about a week’s worth of work and so badly want to go invetigate all of this! I’m bookmarking this and coming back to is asap! Thank you so much Jennifer.


  6. My oh my am I learning alot about the blogging world! Well, you couldn’t have picked a better looking phone, I love, OK back to the point. I appreciate your insight and words of encouragement!


  7. These are important observations, Jennifer! It’s easy to become complacent online, but we must continually innovate and change and improve if we want to stay relevant. Thanks for that timely reminder.


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