Social Media Consultation in Exchange for Wine. Works for Me

I love shopping local. It’s my thing.

I live in a thriving downtown area in my city. I want it to stay thriving. That’s why I eat at local restaurants, get my coffee at local coffee shops and shop at local stores.

There is a great boutique store that opened a few months ago that’s a few blocks from me. I frequent it a lot these days because the owner is hilarious and she’s such a savvy businesswoman I love dropping by and hearing her talk.

Today we discussed her social media and web presence. She has as a Facebook page but her social media presence isn’t robust. I can help her change that very easily. And in exchange I’ll get wine for free.

It’s not every day that I agree to an exchange like this, but it certainly works for me.


  1. I don’t mind working for barter if it’s mutually beneficial. The problem that i have around here is that there are too many that want to do ONLY that. Like a wise woman told me once in a cute little coffee/wine boutique.. sometimes you have to move out to move up (which I’ve done) :)


  2. Jennifer! You have a big heart. If we get too big to take a step back and help someone on their way up we might miss out on a beautiful friendship. Amazing people have helped me along the way. I am blessed. You go girl! Paying it forward! Enjoy the wine! And keep us posted!


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