Why Twitter Remains King of News Breaks

Last night reaffirmed the power of Twitter and my love for the microblogging service. As many of you I was able to catch the news of bin Laden’s death even before traditional news stations broke the news.

Before the official news of bin Laden’s death was announced I monitored all of the major news sites to see which one posted the information first. It was the New York Times. Meanwhile it was nearly impossible to sift through the breaking news on Facebook. On Twitter, however, I was able to search by hashtag, see new trending hashtags, retweet people I don’t even know who were adding valuable tidbits on the ground in Washington, D.C. and at Ground Zero. I was able to converse with friends and followers about the weighty news of the night. Nine and a half years ago on September 11, this wasn’t possible. We were all glued to our television sets and computers, but we were largely relegated to sharing information through email only. It was a different time then. How times have changed in nearly a decade.

Twitter and social media have certainly made our world much smaller.


  1. Honestly, Jennifer, it puts tears in my eyes! It’s not like twitter made the announcement better…or got anything done. But it just shows the (like you said) smallness of our world. And our community. I love it.


  2. I thought breaking in on the ending of Celebrity Apprentice was a little
    childish on the president’s part. A direct retailliation against Donald Trump imo.


  3. During Desert Storm, while Clinton was in office for the first time we were able to watch a war, on television, as it happened. Today, everything unfolds and information is carried aound the world, at the speed of light. I absolutely love Twitter. I’m so excited about the possibilities of what could be next!


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