Mom Blogging Predictions Come to Fruition

In January I listed some of my predictions for the mom blogging community for 2011. I am pleased to announce that many are coming to fruition and we aren’t even half way through the year.

Two notable predictions I mentioned include mom bloggers trumping celebs and a game-changing moment coming only if a company invests heavily in mom bloggers.

Blogher recently released their Social Media Matters study that said familiar bloggers are preferred over celebs. This is so true. In fact I have been seeing this happen over the past three years. Just last month I invited moms to an event with a pretty well-known and respected Hollywood celebrity and no one cared! It was amazing to watch. Social media and our new media landscape have made celebrities like everyone else. In short, they’re down on our level and their stars are fading. If you represent a brand and want to bring on a spokesperson I suggest going the traditional route with a celebrity and also hiring a blogger. A celebrity who happens to be a mom and has a blog or Twitter page just doesn’t work. There is still a disconnect with celebrities and their authenticity is always questioned.

Additionally, I predicted there would not be a game-changing moment this year. However, I did mention that a “brand will have to allocate a large budget and put in hours upon hours of hard thinking to come up with something fresh and innovative” in order to change things up. In my estimation the last first game-changing moment in the mom blogging community happened with the launch of the Walmart moms. That program changed the way bloggers think of themselves and how brands think about bloggers. It opened doors to larger opportunities for bloggers and forced bloggers to also reevaluate their value, influence and worth.

In my estimation there hasn’t been an all-encompassing game-changing moment since, but I honestly believe the next game-changing moment will happen in July. I am also proud to be a part of it. is taking a group of nine influencer moms to Kenya in July. I am one of them. This trip requires a committment on ONE’s part to the power of moms, our influence on a global level, and our impact on weightier issues that impact lives. This is pretty huge. A moment like this will force brands and organizations to look at mom bloggers from a global perspective. Additionally it will cause brands and organizations to consider working with bloggers to disseminate information about issues other than driving sales and buying stuff.

Social good initiatives are increasingly happening this year. In fact, bloggers are working with nonprofits and brands that have charitable arms to spread issues that help others and have for years. I am excited to see how this evolves and develops over the years. I predict that the brands and organizations that put a considerable budget into social good initiatives that include bloggers will garner the best results as opposed to initiatives that are effective in name only and not in action.

Have you seen a game-changing event in the mom blogging community this year?


  1. Some amazing things are happening the blog world right now as companies are discovering the value that bloggers can offer them! Not only for Mom bloggers, but also for teen bloggers, design bloggers, sewing bloggers, Daddy bloggers, interior bloggers, etc.! Exciting changes!


  2. Jennifer – it doesn’t surprise me to know you are ahead of the game :) I am delighted to learn of your relationship with and am so excited to see how your trip to Kenya unfolds….what an amazing opportunity to effect change and what a fantastic group of women.


  3. Social media is a fast paced game for sure — and I love watching it so quickly evolve. It is exciting and an honor to be a part of it all.

    I am so thrilled that has embraced mom influencers! Great work ladies. Can’t wait to read about your experiences in Kenya!


  4. I always enjoy reading your intelligent, thoughtful, and concise predictions, Jennifer.

    I can relate to what you wrote about celebrities. I am invited to events constantly with XYZ actor or actress…and, to be honest, I usually turn them down. I would, however, be VERY interested if I knew other mom bloggers would be in attendance.

    Congrats on your upcoming trip to Africa! I will watch eagerly for your reports.


  5. I remember reading your predictions last year and thinking you were right on target and even getting chills about it!
    I´m relatively new to the game and in awe at how fast it´s all evolving. I guess I came in at the right time when bloggers like you had paved the way so beautifully.
    The ONE trip is absolutely amazing. I will definitely be following it every step of the way because it is sure to be a game-changer in many ways.


  6. I love the focus shifting from celebrity to everyday people possessing the power as influencers! This speaks to my heart! As a mother, wife, daughter of Ugandan political refugees and activist, I have been Commited to supporting ending global poverty. Our stories alone carry enough impact to CHANGE the world. I participated in the Live chat on and was so impressed with facilitating an exchange between American moms and African moms with the trip to Kenya. As a women that shares both American and Ugandan perspectives, I would love to collaborate on that trip! Please let me know!


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