Blogging Our Journeys to Kenya #ONEMOMS

When we were at ONE headquarters at the end of April we were warned that we wouldn’t know what we’d want to cover editorially while in Kenya until we get there. I know that is true. Our stories will be fully shaped by what we discover, see, learn and experience — there.

I plan to go with a completely barren slate with no preconceived notions about what I will blog about or what I potentially will see. I’ll have a general idea, of course, but nothing is set in stone. My stories will be as much of a surprise to me as they will be to you. I am looking forward to watching stories unfold.

Before we travel to Kenya in late July all nine members of the ONE Moms Advisory Council will contribute posts to the ONE Moms page. You can bookmark it at Cooper Munroe’s post, Maria Mchele Mwasonge, mother and ‘tree of life’, is already posted. My post goes live on Tuesday, May 10 and all of our posts will be published throughout the month of May.

Following our posts will provide an interesting perspective about some of the issues we will tackle in Kenya from HIV/AIDs and maternal and child health to agriculture and business. I believe it will be interesting to see our perspectives pre, during, and post trip — a full circle journey. What is so lovely about all of this is that through technology we all get to experience this together.

Photo credit Morgana Wingard, ONE Campaign

One comment

  1. What a tremendous honor to have been selected for the ONE Moms Advisory Council for a very important cause. I think women have tremendous power to impact social policy around the world – especially those that affect women and children. I applaud you for taking this on and for bringing a mother’s and global citizen’s perspective. I look forward to reading your dispatches from Kenya.


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