Why EchoSign Gave Me My Sanity Back

I’m a workaholic. I admit it. I don’t even take Mother’s Day off! It’s a shame, but true. Mother’s Day is a great day to reflect and to receive really beautiful cards and gifts from my family, but the reality is Monday is quickly approaching and Mother’s Day doesn’t matter when a new work week is upon us.

I want to share with you quickly the most amazing discovery I had last week that has completely changed the way I work. Each week I have countless contracts and agreements that I must sign. It is tedious work! What I have been doing is printing out the documents, signing them, scanning them, and then attaching the docs in an email. That process takes forever and completely messes up my work flow. And when I run out of printer ink (which seems to be perpetually!) it delays how quickly I get contracts back.

In a fit of desperation I Googled “electronic signatures” last week and fell upon a few web sites. I tried out one, but the learning curve was so steep it was taking even longer to turn around signed contracts. Then I stumbled upon Echosign. It is such a time saver! I was able to turn around three contracts last week that have been sitting idle in my inbox for over a week.

If you have to sign a lot of documents and don’t want to worry about printing, faxing, or scanning I highly recommend Echosign. It’s $19.99 a month,  a small fraction to pay for sanity. Plus, it’s great for the environment. Paperless, anyone?


  1. Wow. Did your information ever come at the right time Jennifer. I am so annoyed with the high cost of printer ink and put off buying replacement cartridges until I absolutely have to. Which is NOW because I’ve had a contract in my in-box for over a week. I need to get going!

    Thanks for sharing such valuable information.


  2. oh, yes! I´ve been using echosign for some months now and it´s awesome. I use it a lot to send W9s and such to people I need to pay and they are so grateful that it´s easy for them to sign electronically and EchoSign takes care of sending a copy to them and to me.
    Glad it´s working for you, too!


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