The #ONEMOMS Trip to Kenya With Suddenly Got Real

Yesterday I received my flight itinerary to Nairobi, Kenya for the #ONEMOMS trip. It took my breath away. I have never been out of the country save two trips to the Bahamas, once when I was a teen when you didn’t need a passport to visit and this year when I went on the Disney Dream Cruise. This trip to Africa is by far the longest trip I will have ever taken in my life and will indeed be life changing for me.

I have an extremely long voyage ahead of me. I will be on three planes for a total of 17 hours and 48 minutes both ways. I’ll leave from the US, stop in the Netherlands to meet with the team, and then we’ll make our way to Kenya.

The trip up to this point has been this faraway moment in time that will allow me to see another continent, another country, another culture and its people. And even though it is still 45 days away, receiving my flight itinerary in my inbox made everything very, very real.

I am more excited than I can even imagine!

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  1. Jennifer, I wish you a wonderful trip! nothing is better than travel and learn from other people, other countries other cultures. The first time I travel to another continent changed my life forever in a very positive way, I wish more people would do it!

    I will be following all of you in this amazing adventure!

    It was amazing meeting you in LA!!! hope to see you again soon.



  2. Nairobi, Kenya – The place that first stole my heart to Africa….The slums of Kibera. For now, I can only dream of going there…Maybe ONE day…Have a safe journey to Jennifer and the #ONEMoms. I look forward to hearing about the trip!

    Moms 4 Africa
    Bono Street Team


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