Cool! I Was on CBS’ Sunday Morning With @JaniceCroze @HeatherSolos and @eMom

Last month when I spoke at BlogWorld and New Media Expo we (Janice Croze, Heather Solos, Wendy Piersall, and I) were told that CBS Sunday Morning would be taping our advanced monetization session. We had to keep it under wraps and we didn’t know if we’d make the final cut. Turns out we did. The piece aired yesterday and Janice, the mastermind behind the panel, had a fantastic soundbite. See it at 5:33 in.

Hey, I even see Cecily and Kelby!


  1. I saw this yesterday and thought it was a wonderful piece. When I saw you I said, ‘Hey! It’s Jennifer… right there!’ My husband knows your name but not what you look like so we pushed the little “back” button on the trusty DVR and paused. So fun!

    Again, I thought it was a good piece. Good job CBS This Morning.


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