Business Trips, Books, Kenya, and Joining the Fight Against Extreme Poverty #ONEMOMS

Above: Christine Young, Me, Jendi , Monica Brady at Type-A Conference.

It’s midnight and I’m sitting here staring at my computer screen and the clock. I’m working and wishing the time would just slow down.

I just got back from Type-A Conference this afternoon, ran errands to make sure the week is in order, and then I’m heading out the door at 4 AM to catch a 6 AM flight. I’m traveling to Florida today, the fifth time this year. I love it down there, but man is it hot this time of year. Even though the Florida heat can be brutal in June at least I’m not going to New York where the tar on the roofs of the skyscrapers coupled with the pavement make for a special kind of sweltering hell. I’ll take Florida!

For my combined six hours of flight time today I just downloaded The Bottom Billion by Paul Collier to my Nook Color. The Bottom Billion is one of the suggested books we read before embarking on our trip to Kenya with I can’t wait to dig into it. And like I tweeted last week I can’t wait to share with you our itinerary for the trip. We are going to learn so much in Kenya it is unbelievable. More about that soon!

And speaking of, they have created a new landing page just for our trip to Kenya. You will see our blog posts, photos of the 10 of us who are going, as well as a place where you can join ONE to fight against extreme poverty. Don’t forget ONE doesn’t want your money, they simply want your voice.


  1. As someone in Florida, I can agree that the heat is brutal! I’ve never been to New York, so I can’t compare, but I do prefer the dry heat of Arizona to the wet humidity of Florida.

    The landing page looks great!

    Have a fun trip!


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