I’m Getting My Shots Tomorrow, Chronicling the Entire Thing #ONEMOMS

Tomorrow I have an appointment to get shots for the #ONEMOMS trip to Kenya. To be sure I’m not thrilled about it, but you know what? I’d rather lessen my chances of getting sick in Africa than fret about a few pricks. I have to be a big girl even though I hate needles. Yes, I’m sobbing inside already.

As I’ve mentioned before I have never been to Africa so I am going to share as much of my journey leading up to the trip as I do while there. The countdown to a week in Africa is really on now. It’s amazing how fast time flies. We have a little less than 25 days left.

And speaking of ONE Moms, check out this screenshot! ONE Mom Rachel Fox is on the AOL email sign in page.

When I initially went to Washington, DC to visit ONE HQ the first person I met was Rachel. Rachel is so passionate about ONE that she gave me an academic crash course on ONE, it’s mission and its organizational structure in 30 minutes flat. Come to think of it, it was probably a lot less than 30 minutes. Rachel didn’t miss a beat and I learned so much from her before 9 AM. Rachel is amazing and I can’t wait to travel to Kenya with her, ONE, and the rest of the ONE Moms.

Be sure to join ONE on our ONE Moms page and receive our updates while on the ground in Kenya.

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