My Vaccines Update – On Which a Little Incapacitation is Well Worth It

So, last Wednesday I got my vaccines for the Kenya trip with ONE. I was thrilled to finally check “getting shots” off my to-do list. I was relieved to get them and move a little closer to this discovery journey in Africa.

Once I got home last Wednesday night I got queasy and went to bed straight away. I immediately felt the effects of the shots. Again, I received shots for Hep A, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis . When I woke up Thursday morning I felt increasingly worse. When I can’t eat, I know I’m fairly sick. The four-shot concoction I received made me fairly incapacitated on the day after my shots, but on Friday I was back to my old self again happy and ready for a really long holiday weekend.

I kept telling everyone that I would rather be sick for a short period in the States than severely ill for an entire week in Africa. The vaccines were a huge reminder that we are traveling to the developing world where I can contract a number of diseases while there, but the risk is certainly worth it.

I am excited to tell the stories of African women and mothers in particular and see how aid programs that the US funds are helping people’s way of life. For that, a little incapacitation is well worth it.

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