Three Things I Will Miss Most About Kenya #ONEMOMS

I can’t believe it’s been a mere few days since we were in Kenya. What a week it was! Not only did we get to see various programs in Kenya that are funded by the United States and how they are working we also got a chance to soak up and enjoy the country and its beauty.

The Food

When you travel to another part of the world you are always cautioned to not eat local produce and stay away from ice. Maverick that I am I ate salads, fresh fruits, and Coke with ice all week long and it was delicious. I wouldn’t sound so happy now if I had fallen ill, mind you. I took a chance to eat fresh while there. I also drank Coke like a mad woman in Kenya because it is made with sugar instead of corn syrup. Thankfully it didn’t come back to bite me.

In Kisumu we ate ugali, a traditional Kenyan food comprised of maize porridge, with vegetables and meat. We had fish. So, so good! I also ate the most delicious curry dishes all of last week. Kenyan food is stellar all the way around.

The Land

On our second day in Kenya as we were driving through Kisumu I remember looking out the window and devising ways I can get back to Kenya — stat! It is so beautiful there! The terrain is unlike anything you’ve seen in the States – vast open spaces, beautiful trees, mountains, the Great Rift Valley, and extremely expansive lakes. Amazing!

The People

I have written about this extensively already, and I wish I could put it into words more adequately for you. The people of Kenya are truly amazing! We met the most genuine spirits that I believe any of us have ever encountered anywhere in the world. All over Kenya the people were welcoming to us in ways we never expected.

I cannot wait to continue to spread the word about programs that work in Kenya. And I also cannot wait to step foot again in their beautiful country.


  1. You are keeping such a fantastic journal of your experience Jennifer! I love the pictures of the delicious dishes. And the faces of the lovely people, especially those boys, you can feel so much by looking deep into their eyes.


  2. Jennifer, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful experiences! isn’t that amazing how visiting another country can change your perspective of the world? I love traveling and Kenya is on my list! Great pics!

    And yes about the coke, coke is always better with sugar!


  3. I feel so strange asking this because I’ve always assumed that Kenya was hot year round and I notice the people you photographed are all wearing sweaters … is it cold there?


    • Hi Catherine – It’s winter in Kenya right now. It was cool in the morning and evenings and the day really didn’t get too hot. I wasn’t really hot at all in Kenya. In fact, it feels hotter in North Carolina than in Kenya right now.

      Great observation!


  4. Beauty is all around us. Thank you for sharing the beauty of Kenya. I liked hearing about the genuine people, open spaces and programs that are getting funded by you and me to help others thrive. We need each other!


  5. Im honestly happy of your portrayal of my country.Thank you so much coz here in kenya people dont think Americans can find anything good .Thankyou once again and KARIBU TENA!


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