Kimpton’s Topaz Hotel in Washington, DC

I have written before about how much I adore Kimpton hotels. I think it’s their customer service coupled with the uniqueness of each of their properties.

Last week I stayed in yet another Kimpton hotel, the Topaz Hotel in Washington, DC. In fact, it is my dream to visit all of the Kimpton hotels around the country.

Upon arriving at the Topaz I immediately noticed the surrounding neighborhood. If there is another thing I love about Kimpton hotels it’s that they are located in offbeat places. In Washington, DC they are in quaint neighborhoods, which I absolutely love!

The front desk clerks were both extremely helpful and accommodating and made sure we were set for the night. When we walked into our room I instantly fell in love…another delightful Kimpton hotel room.

Whenever I visit new hotels the first thing I always do is check out the bathroom. I’m picky like that. I was extremely pleased with the bathroom at the Topaz. It was very clean and also full of details. I loved the above counter sink and blue wallpaper.

The rest of the room was equally as charming.

The only thing I didn’t quite like at the Topaz was the striped walls. They just didn’t cut it for me, but everything else was wonderful.

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