Leggiadro + a Fantastic New York Lunch

Yesterday was a fantastic first day in New York for Fashion Week. I got in around 9 in the morning, just enough time to check into my hotel, store my bags with the bellman, and hop a cab to my first event of the day.

I headed down to the garment district and was given a tour of Leggiadro’s warehouse by Brooks, Leggiadro’s co-owner and then went to their flagship store on Madison Avenue with Kristina Libby from Microsoft and Katie Wrecken of Waggener Edstrom. If you haven’t heard of Leggiadro that’s strictly by design.

A high-end luxury label that strictly caters to their exclusive clients and shares Italian fabric warehouses with the all of the global luxury brands, Leggiadro is a high-end fashion label for women who don’t blink an eye when dropping $1100 on a sweater. In the warehouse I was able to touch some of the fabrics Leggiadro uses in their garments and honestly, it’s nothing you’ve ever felt unless you are used to buying luxury clothing. All of their pieces are made in the United States by hand! The craftmanship in each piece is impeccable.

Whenever I come to New York I am always hesitant to walk into the really exclusive boutiques especially on Madison Avenue. Now I know why. I checked out the price tag of a few of the items and all of them made me blink thrice.

After leaving Leggiadro, Kristina, Katie and I went to lunch at a wonderful Italian restaurant on Madison Avenue that drew us in with their beautiful tables full of white roses. We opted to sit outside because the weather had turned surprisingly beautiful after a morning of downpours. I indulged in a delicious Caesar salad and the best homemade ravioli dish I’ve ever had in my life.

Yesterday was a great day. Be sure to visit me over at Mom Blog magazine to see how Fashion night out turned out.

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