My Recent Stay at an Aloft Hotel

I’ll finally admit it: I am slightly obsessed with hotels. On a pit stop last week  in New Jersey before inching our way into New York City for Fashion Week we opted to stay at an Aloft property. I have been wanting to stay at an Aloft hotel for quite some time, but just haven’t had the opportunity to do so. Enough StarWood points plus a need for a hotel room for the night made for an enjoyable night at the Mount Laurel, New Jersey Aloft.

Branded as a “Vision of W Hotels” Aloft hotels are not trendy and chic like the W hotels, but for a mid-tier hotel chain it definitely offers more than comparable hotels in the same price range and is considerably hipper.

I loved that the Aloft offered Wired and SPIN for our reading pleasure and based on their magazine options I definitely know who their targeted customers are.

And who doesn’t love the small details? On their coffee cups it reads, “Gulp and a-go-go.” Clever.

Even though we didn’t stay at the Aloft for long I did get a true sense of the hotel chain. It’s for those who want a “W” experience without having to pay the “W” prices. It’s for those who want to stay at a hotel that comes with little surprises like this analog clock. I don’t know when I have ever seen an analog clock in my hotel room. I thought it was quite charming. And in fact I loved it so much I searched for it online. It’s a classic 1950s Moonbean alarm clock by Westclox. It retails for $37.99 showing that hotels don’t need to spend a fortune to make a lasting impression.

The next time you travel check to see if there is an Aloft property where you’re headed. You won’t be disappointed.


  1. I have stayed at an Aloft as well and I LOVED it! Any time I have the option again, I will def choose it. I love how they are targeting the hip, business traveler who wants a well designed, upscale hotel with a more reasonable price. I also loved that at the hotel I was in, they had a cafeteria style food
    store/cafe option that was open 24 hours. When I fly in at 12am or leave at 4am, I want to grab some affordable, quick food – like milk and cereal!!


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