Traveling to London: An Exercise in Taking Risks

LondonI went to England last week, but I didn’t have to. In fact, it would have been easier to just stay home, but in order to reach my goals I know I have to take risks and live outside of my comfort zone. In two days I got a tremendous amount accomplished and was also able to set up impromptu meetings as well as have breakfast and lunch dates with friends.

I write this to stress how imperative it is to push yourself if you want to really grow. Pushing yourself is vastly different for everyone. Pushing yourself as a blogger may mean going to conference for the first time or taking a totally different approach to your blog’s content. It may mean reaching out to work with a brand or pitching yourself to the media.

After seven years working online I know I have to push myself so I don’t get complacent and run on autopilot. That’s very easy to do. I have to push myself to create a better Mom Bloggers Club and Mom Blog magazine. I have to push myself to create a more engaged Facebook page. I have to push myself to be more focused and dedicated to getting things done.

LondonTaking risks jump starts your engines. It makes you more creative and allows you to see different paths to reaching your goals. The next time you feel stuck in a rut, first write down your goal. Then think about how you’re going to get there. If taking a risk will get you to your goal quicker don’t hesitate to do it.

Be courageous! 

You can read more of my posts about my London trip at Mom Blog magazine:


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