Getting More Media Mentions

I don’t get featured in very many media outlets as strange as that sounds. Sometimes I think to myself that I really should be quoted in the media more when it comes to moms and blogging. After all, I’ve been around since the beginning of mom blogging and have seen the whole transformation happen. These are the things I ponder when I’m on a long flight or just sitting around at home.

I know I can get in the press more. I just need to be more intentional about it. In 2003 I started a community for homeschoolers and was in the press – both national and international – several times every month. I was on CNN and in every major newspaper in the country. I even had a South Korean news crew come to our home to do a news segment. It was pretty intense, but extremely worth it. In 2012 I need to replicate the same energy I had in the early days to transform that into more media mentions about the work I currently do like this piece in Skirt magazine. I’m really excited about 2012. This has been a great year, but next year is going to be phenomenal. How do I know? Because I’m going to make it happen.



  1. Jennifer, this is great! I am with you in that 2012 will be my best blogging year yet. I too have been around for a very long time and want more to show for that and from the things to come.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Lisa C


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