Why I Was in Berlin Last Week

Last Wednesday I left for Berlin on a quick trip to cover TEDxChange on Thursday. TEDXChange is a partnership between TED and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and was themed, “The Big Picture”. I was invited to cover the event by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

You may have watched TEDxChange live as it was streamed around the world in several languages with hundreds of local TED groups watching together and taking part in robust online conversations.

On stage at Trafo, a former industrial power plant, five speakers took us through their work with sanitation and design, the critical need for renewable energy, African women and the importance of their voices in the global community, music that transforms lives as well as family planning. Melinda Gates sparked a worldwide movement during her TEDxChange talk to spread the word about the importance of family planning. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is dedicating its time, resources, and influence over the next 30 years to make sure women in developing nations have the choice to decide how many children they want to have as data tells us family planning reduces maternal and child deaths.

I enjoyed covering the event and meeting many German bloggers including a couple of  mom bloggers. They told me the mom blogging space there is a fledgling community. One  blogger speculated that it might be because of the German motherhood ideal. Maybe one day their community will grow. I have no doubt it will.

After the talks, there was a gorgeous reception where hundreds of TEDxChange attendees were engaged in lively discussions amid the backdrop of a newly refurbished power plant with dimmed lighting and blue candles placed throughout the space. The energy from the talks spilled out to the reception floor where I overheard several discussions about the ideas that had just been shared on stage.

It was wonderful being around a community of thinkers who believe in working in new ways to solve the world’s problems. If you have been following my work since the beginning of the year I started Mom Bloggers for Social Good, a global community of mom bloggers who use social media for social good. If you would like to join, we’d love to have you on board.

I greatly enjoyed my first time in Germany and hope to get back soon. You can see a set of my Flickr photos of my stay in Berlin. You can also read more about my thoughts on TEDxChange on Mom Bloggers for Social Good.


  1. This trip sounds amazing Jennifer. What an incredible opportunity! I loved looking at the pictures. ( I kept looking for a Starbucks ;-> )


      • Even a Burger King? wow. I wonder if they adapt their menu to what’s popular in that Country/Location? All I can think of is sausage and large steins of beer – obviously the closest I’ve been to Germany is my town’s Ocktoberfest ;->


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