Reflecting on My Year So Far

It’s already May (I know, how did that happen?) and so much has already happened this year that I wanted to take stock of them and write them down for posterity.

So often I work so fast and all of the time that I tend to forget things I have done and don’t congratulate myself on the goals I have accomplished. It’s actually sad that my husband has to remind me of some of the amazing things that have happened in my life but because my mind is always moving 100 miles per hour I don’t give them the attention they deserve.  So today, I am writing down the big milestones that have happened in my life so far this year so I can have something to come back to whenever I feel things aren’t falling into place as perfectly as I want them to.


In January I launched Mom Bloggers for Social Good which is a global coalition of mom bloggers who spread the word through their networks about pressing global issues. I am most proud that I actually started it instead of keeping the idea in my brain as I so often do. And I am also proud that I have been able to forge relationships with some of the largest nonprofits and NGOs on the planet. It has been an amazing ride so far. I can’t imagine what else is on the horizon.


In early February I walked in the Strut Moms Fashion Show with other moms which was amazing, phenomenal, and awe-inspiring. I couldn’t believe that I was walking in a show in Lincoln Center during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and still can’t believe it.


I was invited by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to attend TedxChange in Berlin. Again, I still can’t believe I was in Germany for a few days last month with a quick stop in Brussels on my way back home. It was an inspiring trip. I can’t wait to use my passport again this year!

In April I also received a National Press Foundation Global Vaccines Fellowship. During the Global Vaccines program in Atlanta a few weeks ago I was the only new media journalist there among journalists from CNN, the Baltimore Sun, the Financial Times, and a freelancer who just won a Fulbright among others! I think I am most proud of this moment.

I have always considered myself a writer and wanted to attend journalism school while at UNC-Chapel Hill. Instead of going to J-school I decided to go into International Studies instead. This press fellowship was validation that although I knew J-school wasn’t a perfect fit for me, I have always been a writer and journalist in my own way. And even more validation this month I also started writing for the Gates foundation.

Disney Social Media Moms

I am always thankful to be a part of Disney Social Media Moms Celebration every year. As a co-host blogger along with 5 Minutes for Mom and Resourceful Mommy for three straight years I am always humbled by this experience and grateful that my family gets to enjoy this amazing conference with me each year.

There are some more amazing things coming up that I will share as they near. 2012 is definitely going to be a wonderful year.

Have you taken stock of great things that have happened in your life thus far this year?


  1. Wow I read this and wondered if you have done any work or considered working with Shot@Life? I am one of the champions working on the program and was curious if you have done anything with them. Nicole


  2. Jennifer- congrats on a very productive start to your year! As someone who is very passionate about global child/maternal health issues, I applaud you using your platform to raise awareness about these issues. As a Shot@Life Champion, I echo Nicole’s encouragement for you to get involved with Shot@Life (assuming you aren’t already). I think they could use someone with your reach and skill creating communities of change. It would definitely complement the work you are doing with the One Campaign. As an aside, it would be good to see more prominent women of color get involved in effort to get more children in developing countries vaccinated. I look forward to reading future posts about your advocacy and outreach efforts.


    • Thank you so much! Congratulations on being a Shot@Life champion. Mom Bloggers for Social Good partnered with them so I work with them to spread the message of vaccines for children in need through my community. I’m definitely lending my voice to the effort ;)


  3. So proud of you and inspired by you, Jennifer!

    I’m thrilled to be one of the “Mom Bloggers for Social Good” and look forward to being a part of the movement of moms who are speaking up for positive change worldwide.

    BEST WISHES for an even more outstanding rest of 2012.


  4. Late to the party on this, but just want to say how amazed I am by everything you’re accomplishing. Blown away by both the opportunities in this space AND you ability to step up and meet them. Can not wait to spend more time with you, Jennifer.


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