Weekly Reflection: Traveling is Good for the Soul

The busier I become the more I need to stop and reflect on my life. Now that I have started Mom Bloggers for Social Good I am busier than I have ever been in the last eight years I’ve worked online not because it is another web site that I own; rather it is because global issues like food security, maternal health, and communicable disease require a great deal of critical thinking, and reading and exploration and learning and research. It’s a discipline I love, but requires a massive amount of my brain power.

That said, I am beginning a new weekly practice where I reflect on the things I love to do and that have fueled me over the years. One of the things I love to do is travel. Although traveling can become a bit much at times – that’s why I haven’t traveled nearly as much this year — there is nothing like hopping on a plane, checking into a new-to-me hotel and relaxing even if for thirty minutes or so before starting off to work. Hotels fuel me. Planes fuel me. In fact, the more I travel the more I find that flying is one of the only times I can truly relax. I put all of my gadgets away and don’t pull them out until I land. Flying gives me the tech detox I should be able to replicate when I’m on the ground, but never do. And when it’s a flight to another country – absolute bliss!

The second half of the year I will be traveling a lot. I am bracing myself for the rigors of being on a plane more times than I will be able to count. More than that I am looking forward to the energy I feel when I arrive in a new city whether here in the States or abroad or a city I’ve traveled to a million times.

Traveling is good for my soul. How about you?


  1. Travel provides so much education, doesn’t it? It really is true that the world is the ultimate classroom.

    We have a HUGE wall map of the world in our dining room with color-coded pushpins for all the places we have been and all of the places we want to go. Yesterday, I was looking at it again and I told Tim, “I want to go EVERYWHERE. I want to see it all.” :)


  2. I’m curious: How do you spend your time “in the air” since you keep your tech gadgets stowed away? Do you read? Talk to your seatmates? Write with a pen and notepad? Enjoy the solitude?

    Hope to sit next to you on a flight someday in the future!


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