My ONE Bracelets and Ending Global Poverty

ONEWhenever I decide to go for a run I always wear my husband’s Ironman (which he sets for me because LOOK at all of those buttons! I have no idea what to do with them! Start, Split, Mode, What??) and, of course, I wear my beautiful ONE bracelets. Until this weekend I only wore my white ONE bracelets, but Saturday I received two new (RED) bracelets I ordered last week to round out my wrist ensemble.

I love wearing my ONE bracelets! They remind me every day that there is still so much to do to eradicate poverty on this planet. So much! But working together we can make change.

The wonderful thing about these ONE and (RED) bracelets is they are $5 each and $1 from every bracelet sold goes to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria which saves 100,000 lives every month. See how your small contribution can literally save lives?

Want a few ONE or (RED) bracelets of your own? Visit the ONE store. And while you’re clicking around, be sure to check out the ONE Moms, of which I am a proud member, and the ONE Moms Facebook page!

Also starting June 1 – 10 (RED) will be launching (RED)Rush where there will be 10 days and 10 ways to fight AIDS.  Buying a (RED) product including their bracelets definitely counts among the 10 ways to fight AIDS.

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Photo: Michael James

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