A Moment of Weekend Reflection

In June I traveled quite a bit – Disneyland, DC, Reviewer’s Retreat, Type-A Parent, and Rio. I didn’t realize how much I had traveled until my body and mind began to experience that “I’ve traveled way too much” ache I typically get in the summers and at the end of the year. The funny thing is I have a heady amount of upcoming travel starting next week. I will have had a two week break in between, though, which has been and still is glorious.

One thing I have been trying to do more of when I am home is really appreciate being home instead of concentrating on where I am traveling to next. There are so many wise sayings that implore all of us to be in the moment, and while that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prepare for the future, we should also cherish now.

Ever since coming home from Rio I have really been embracing my “now” moments like the photo above when my girls and I walked around the block to pick up dinner on Friday, or when I go out in the morning and get coffee and feel summer on my face, or even now as I write this. I am not thinking about anything else except finishing this sentence.

Have you been able to really cherish the moment or is life simply moving too fast? 

“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.”
― Maya Angelou


  1. It really does take a conscience effort for me to stop my thoughts of other things that need to get done and be present with my family some times. It’s totally worth it :-> Good job Jennifer!


  2. I feel this way all the time. That my life is moving too fast but yet I’m excited and all the same overwhelmed. I really resonated with this post. Sometimes I feel we have to take a step back and think, reflect, relax and love. Maybe it is because I’m 40 and realized that time is ticking away much to fast with each growing year. Or maybe it is because I finally figured out what I want to do with my journey in life. Anyway,I truly respect your blog and your mission. It is so admirable. Hope you get some time to relax and refresh. :) Where do you live by the way? And how old are your childen?


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