My Summer

We are a few days shy of October and I am still wondering where in the world did August and September go. The more busy I am the more the months flow into each other forming one fantastic blur. One minute I am hearing cicadas buzz on my runs and the next I am thinking about Halloween candy.

The summer months for my family and me were filled with a healthy dose of travel with a few mini-breaks in between. Late last month we traveled to Atlanta (one of my favorite cities) for the first time in a year and also made our way down to New Orleans, a first for all of us.

I’m sharing a few photos from our travels so I don’t completely and utterly forget everything I’ve done in the past two months.

New York for Blogher

New York: at the UN Headquarters for the World Humanitarian Day Filming of Beyoncé’s video, I Was Here.

The rainy streets of downtown Atlanta after speaking at the Blogalicious Meetup hosted by Lamar and Ronnie Tyler.

A calm night on the W Hotel Buckhead Atlanta rooftop with my husband.

New Orleans two days before Hurricane Issac. Also, just an aside: I have never been anywhere on earth hotter and more muggy than New Orleans. Wow! It was hot.

Back in Atlanta on our drive back from New Orleans at my favorite place: the Westin Peachtree. You cannot beat the view. And now that they have renovated their rooms it’s our little home away from home when we travel to Atlanta.


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