Appreciating the Things Around Us

This morning I was up early. I had really good rest last night so I was particularly refreshed when I awoke. That doesn’t happen often. After reading emails and clicking around the Net for awhile I peeked through my blinds and saw the most magnificent red and pink sunrise. I threw on my coat and shoes, stammered around for a bit looking for my keys, and quickly tried to get outside before the beauty faded to take photos to share. By the time I got outside I was too late and missed capturing such a beautiful morning. Dejected I turned around and suddenly realized I have never seen how peaceful the Japanese garden is that sits right beside our building.

Why is it that we typically don’t appreciate the lovely things around us? Maybe our surroundings become too familiar and stale. With a new eye we can find great appreciation in them.

My family and I have been living here for four years and I have never taken a moment to really appreciate this serene garden. The Japanese maples are starting to turn a brilliant red and show a touch of autumn and the small, cascading waterfalls give just a hint of sound, nothing too overpowering.

Today I have five business calls and will be hosting a Twitter party this evening. Those are in addition to everything else on my calendar. I definitely had to center this morning or my day could quickly rumble out of control.

I hope you have a great day. Many of you I will see online somewhere, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest. See you there.


  1. Beautiful Jennifer! I know how you feel sometimes. Life can get so busy and stressful. That is why I take time every day to be outside in nature either running or walking around our lovely urban lake where I can relax and appreciate the beauty of life. Have a wonderful day! :)


    • Thanks, Nicole! It’s so important to stop for a moment, isn’t it? As our lives get busier we really have to consciously notice everything around us. I’m getting better at it. Have a wonderful day, too!


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