Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill Country

As I type this Michael, my husband, is running in the USA 50 Mile Trail Championships in Rocksprings, Texas. He’s been in Texas since Thursday – enough time to get acclimated to the time zone and rested before he had to race today.

He sent these photos of the course and some of the surrounding areas a few days ago. Apparently he’s out in the real Texas Hill Country (about two hours away from San Antonio) where there are a ton of cattle ranches and rocky terrain.

These photos really make me want to go back to Texas. I’ve been only once and that was a brief visit to Austin during South by Southwest a few years ago.


  1. Wow Jennifer that is quite impressive! I ran my first and last marathon 12 years ago and that was hard. I can’t imagine 50 miles of hills and trail running! Michael must be in amazing shape and must have the persererence that you have.


  2. I love the Hill Country – so green and beautiful and full of trees! We visited Austin and San Antonio in February 2011 during our cross-country tour of the USA – and loved both.

    What did you think of South by Southwest?


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