[Photos] Seattle’s Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market Collage

This week I have been in Seattle for a Windows 8 and Office 365 press trip. I have been working with Microsoft for nearly three years and have loved every minute of learning new tech tips and tricks. It’s been such fun and really a privilege!

Yesterday, the Microsoft team gave us some downtime to explore Seattle’s Pike Place Market and try out some Windows 8 photo apps like Fotor and Memorylage. I made the collage above using Memorylage. I love it!

Also, as an aside, I took all of these photos on a Samsung Windows Phone and downloaded all of them seamlessly to my Skydrive account. I have to say,  I am mesmerized by how easy it is to use Windows 8 and Office 365. In all honesty I hadn’t used either of them before this week because I thought the changes were just too daunting to take on. Now, that I have had hands-on instruction I am really excited to start incorporating this new tech ecosystem into my lifestyle.

Pike Place Market WP_20130423_004 WP_20130423_007 WP_20130423_011 WP_20130423_013 WP_20130423_015 WP_20130423_016 WP_20130423_018 WP_20130423_020 WP_20130423_021 WP_20130423_022 WP_20130423_023 WP_20130423_024 WP_20130423_025 WP_20130423_026 WP_20130423_027 WP_20130423_028 WP_20130423_031


  1. Hi Jennifer! You were in my corner of the World :-> (I’m down in Portland) I hope the weather was clear and the Sound was bustling. I haven’t made it on a ferry to visit Bainbridge Island yet. Maybe next visit.
    Your pictures are wonderful. I can almost smell the market place!


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