Next Week: India

Next Week: india

Those of you who know me well know I will hop on a plane and turn up on the other side of the world whenever I get a chance. Usually I travel alone, but this time I am taking the wonderful Social Good Mom and Global Team of 200 member, Nicole Melancon (, with me. We are going to India next week to visit Mom Bloggers for Social Good partners and see their work on the ground.

Traveling to see global development work is important to me because it gives me a crash course about what’s happening in the field. It allows me to tell better stories, but better yet it allows me to connect with others who can tell their own stories. Trips to Kenya with the ONE Moms and Ethiopia with Save the Children were immensely powerful for me because I was able to garner a better understanding about what I read and write about every day. Those trips put faces to statistics and names to those who work at NGOs.

When I started Mom Bloggers for Social Good I wanted to provide that same up close and personal opportunity to members. Now, the time is here: Social Good Moms’ first insight trip. This is the first, but definitely won’t be the last.

I have a long trek to get to India traveling through Europe and the Middle East, but that is all a part of the magnificent journey.  And when we get to India we’ll be sharing what we learn from visiting frontline health workers to learning about water projects in the country.

I hope you follow along. You can follow at #SocialGoodMomsIndia all week. You can follow me on Twitter at @SocialGoodMoms and @JenniferJames and Nicole Melancon at @ThirdEyeMom.

And finally great thanks to Sevenly who helped make this trip possible.



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