My First Day in Delhi


Today I arrived in Delhi after a 24-hour jaunt to get here – both in the air and waiting in airports. After clearing customs and being really surprised that my luggage made it to India with me after going through three countries I headed out of bustling Indira Gandhi International Airport at 4:30 AM to catch a ubiquitous Indian yellow and black taxi to the hotel.

After a speedy ride through Delhi with the windows down and the wind in my face I finally made it to the hotel, watched the sun rise, and waited another few hours before heading back to the airport to pick up Nicole Melancon who arrived domestically from an overnight stay in Mumbai.

Car Ride to Airport

Today was sweltering even though I didn’t go out in the heat. Nicole ventured out and it was at least 115 degrees. Before going to dinner tonight at the hotel restaurant Nicole and I decided to take a quick walk around the hotel grounds. Even at 8 at night it was still 100 degrees. I’ve never been in such heat and this week it’s only going to get hotter.

Hotel Grounds

One of the things I love best about coming to developing countries is the unpredictable nature of the electric grid. Just as in Kenya and Ethiopia the lights just might go out unexpectedly like they did a few times when we were in our room tonight and again when we were eating dinner which, by the way, had the best curry dishes I’ve ever tasted! It reminds me that even though we’re staying at a great hotel, just beyond this compound are millions of people who don’t live with backup generators and, in fact, live with very little and struggle to survive.

Today provided a much-needed rest day to help Nicole and me recover from traveling so far. Tomorrow we’ll be up and at it! We begin visiting NGOs tomorrow as well as meeting amazing Indian mom bloggers. Exciting stuff! We are taking the metro (I took a picture of it above tonight) to visit an ingenious NGO, PROTSAHAN India Foundation, a youth based international nonprofit org that uses the innovative approaches of Design, Art, Digital Stories, Photography, Technology & Cinema to foster Creative Education and Sustainable Livelihoods at bottomest of pyramid. And throughout the week we have a packed schedule meeting with Pratham, Save the Children, and WaterAid.

In between we’ll be sure to take photos of India in general and share everything on our tumblr: We hope you follow along this week!


  1. Hope you have an enjoyable stay. Delhi is all about crowds, heat, good food and some great Mughal architecture. Don’t forgot to visit the Red Fort and the Qutab Minar. In Old Delhi, specifically Chandni Chowk, you’ll find some fun places to eat.


  2. I think I would melt in that heat! Loving the updates so far. Can’t wait to see pics of your meetings with the Indian bloggers and NGOs. I can only imagine how good that curry is!


    • Jennifer, it is so hot! It’s the summer months so the heat is almost unbearable. Thank goodness for air conditioning and at least it’s not the monsoon season.

      Oh, and yes, the curry is amazing!


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