Second Day in Delhi

Delhi is hot! I mean hot-hot. It’s unlike any type of heat I have ever experienced and I live in the south. The south of the United States and Southeast Asia are quite different, to be sure. From all of the people we talked to November and December are the best times to visit India. The shockingly hot summer and the monsoon season will be over and the nice temperatures usher in a wonderful time to visit the country.

Today we visited Protsahan, a small school for at-risk girls in an Uttar Nagar slum. As we walked through the narrow allies of the slum I took photos of beauty I saw all around me. The doors and gates on homes and businesses and scenes of everyday life were breathtaking in contrast to the crippling poverty.

Ciity Scenes Collage

So far this trip to Delhi has been everything I imagined. I love being thrust into a new culture and finding my way through. Even though this trip is fairly short there is still a lot to see and many meetings and site visits to attend.

Read more about our visit at


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