Street Scenes: Delhi

I still cannot believe I have been to India and back again! After four and a half days in the beautiful, maddening, huge, crowded city of Delhi and about 24 hours en route back home, lingering aimlessly and sleeping in Bahrain and London – I was home again. That fast! This really is a small world and my trip to India certainly was a whirlwind. In a blink of an eye I was home again, back in North Carolina and its temperate, beautiful spring weather. In my down time in Delhi I did indulge in the BEST spicy Indian food I’ve ever tasted and enjoyed delightful ice-cold Kingfisher beer when the heat felt like it would rampantly overtake my body.

I will say, beer along with good ole H2O were my friends in Delhi. There’s something about the carbs that made the heat dissipate!

One of our colleagues that we met in Delhi took us to the Beer Cafe the last night we were in Delhi at the swank Ambience mall near the outskirts of town in Gurgaon. I loved it!


I cannot express how excited I am to go back to India with Water for People in November for a little under two weeks. I will travel by plane, train, boat, and automobile in India and see much more of the country than Delhi affords. November cannot get here fast enough! I am curious to see how the rural half lives.

Don’t get me wrong! I did love Delhi and can’t wait to go back; preferably when it’s not 110 degrees with the sun relentlessly beaming overhead. They say November is the ideal time to visit India. I can’t wait to visit then — when the weather is perfect!

Here are a few street scenes I took in Delhi. 


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  1. Love the mention of the spicy food, Kingfisher beer and the “beer” place in the mall! It was such a great trip Jennifer! I am so envious you are going to see the countryside of India as I’ve always loved the rural parts of countries. I will anxiously be following your every move via social media while you are there! You are in for quite an adventure! :)


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