My Walk to a Much-Needed Latte


I love where I live. It’s not Manhattan or downtown Chicago, but it’s my little slice of the hustle and bustle in North Carolina.

I don’t need much to make me happy. A short morning walk to my favorite, local coffee shop is a great way for me to set my day. This morning I walked around the corner to get a latte and took photos along the way. If there is one thing I love, it’s a beautiful summer North Carolina day.

Wolfies - My Favorite Local Ice Cream Shop!
Wolfies – my favorite local ice cream shop – with a few words of wisdom.
It’s the subtle things I love noticing.
While it was only morning and not yet opened, Hutch and Harris’ patio was bustling by lunch.
Picking my lid.
Don’t you love a coffee shop that’s also a wine shop/bar. Love!
Les fleurs!
Les fleurs!
7 seconds....
7 seconds….hurry!

I hope you have a great Friday! By the way, I was interviewed about Social Good Moms today on Jennifer Barbour’s Philanthropy Friday series. I love it. Do give it a read.

– Jennifer


  1. Lovely Jennifer! Love the pictures, the quotes on the signs and best of all the coffee shop with a wine bar inside! ALso, I see you’ve liked a lot of my posts over there under the “posts I like!”. Thanks!!! Have a wonderful weekend! We are heading up north tomorrow for a week long family vacation. Of course I’ll have my computer along yet look for some nice sunset shots over the northern lakes of Minnesota! :) P.S. Looks like you live in a lovely neighborhood!


  2. What a quaint and friendly street! We currently live in the suburbs of Tucson, but are planning to move within the next year or two to somewhere more “walkable.” I’d love to be able to mosey down to a little cafe or bakery.


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