Summer, Summer Day


It’s been a beautiful summer day today. Although the humidity has taken me by surprise making it so hot here lately, all in all it has been a nice holiday week. It even poured yesterday and rained out a ton of barbecue celebrations, I’m sure. This is the first day in the last five days I haven’t seen a drop of rain. The sunshine was a welcome respite from all the thunderstorms.

Today was a slow Friday as most people are still reveling in a long four-day holiday. That gave me time to write a bit. I wrote an essay about gender in India on Medium, A Woman’s Place in India. I am toying around with writing many more essays these days. I bet you didn’t know that’s how I got my start on the Net. I was an essayist many, many moons ago.

I have also been poking around the Web this week. I joined RebelMouse and added it to my blog. On the nav bar under “Social Media” you’ll be able to keep up with all of my other work and everything  I share on my other blogs and social media. It’s going to be pretty packed when I go to Zambia in a few days. I will be sharing a ton!

Speaking of Zambia, I received my itinerary today from the International Reporting Project and it is really intense. One thing I like about it is they have given us ample time to write and pursue our own stories. I’ll be like a kid in the candy store writing, making video, and sharing photos and chasing down stories. I can’t wait and I hope you follow my journey and discoveries.

All of my Zambia content will be housed on my Tumblr blog under the Zambia tag. I’ll be cross-posting on all of my social channels so it’ll be easy to find my work from my trip.

Tonight, I will take it a little easy – something hard for me to do even on a Friday night. I hear a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon singing to me.

Enjoy your Friday, everyone.


  1. So excited to follow your trip Jennifer! Is there a way to subscribe to tour tumblr blog for the trip so I get instant email updates? What day do you leave? Take lots of pictures for us to share! :)


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