My Journey to #Zambia Starts Tomorrow

Remember earlier this week when I mentioned this week was ridiculously busy? Well, I put one foot in front of the other and got my work done – chats, Twitter parties, interviews, conference calls, everything. I still have a few things to do, but they’re not stressing me out as I prepare for my trip to Africa as an International Reporting Project Zambia Fellow.

To be completely honest I don’t know what to expect about this trip. I’ve never been to Zambia and I have learned to not have expectations about a country and my work before I get there. What I do know is there will be a lot for me to share while there.

We received our itinerary in advance and we will be busy! Plus, I am setting up visits during the time we can pursue our own stories. I will be sharing my personal observations here. I will also be writing for the Gates Foundation and BabbleYou can keep up with all of my posts on Tumblr and Storify. I will also write exclusive pieces for Social Good Moms and MSNBC told me to pitch them when I am on the ground, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get published with them.

I hope you have a great Friday and weekend! I will be off to Zambia early – 6 AM in the morning.


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