[Audio and Photo Updates] Day 2 and 3 in #Lusaka #ZambiaHealth

N'Gombe Clinic in LusakaDay 3

Today was a fairly busy day. We visited a clinic in a compound called N’Gombe where they service nearly 500,000 people. In Zambia, slums are called compounds, which is very interesting in and of itself. The clinic we visited was an integrated HIV/TB clinic. This is significant because many times you will find HIV/AIDS and TB clinics that are dedicated to the disease alone. The integrated approach gives patients easier access to diagnosis and treatment in one place. In resource-low settings the World Health Organization recommends that HIV and TB be treated at the same clinic in order to provide more care for patients who have both infectious diseases as they tend to coincide with one another.

Today I created an audio update about our day from visiting the clinic, to visiting the home of a man with TB, to going on a site visit to Fountain of Hope, a shelter for street kids and orphans in Lusaka.


I am in Zambia as an International Reporting Project Zambia Fellow. The International Reporting Project is a part of  The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. I will be reporting on HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis and how these three infectious diseases acutely affect mothers and children. You can follow our journey for the next 7 days at #ZambiaHealth. You can read all of my posts from global development articles  to personal observations on my Storify: Daily Updates: @JenniferJames’, Trip to #Zambia with @IRPChirps #ZambiaHealth.


  1. This is all so amazing, Jennifer. I am learning so much from your updates. I don’t know how you do it. And the photos are just so striking.


  2. Love the sound clips and hearing your lovely voice! Your reporting has been amazing! I’ve enjoyed following you so much! I can’t wait to hear how this trip has compared with your other ones to Kenya, Ethiopia and India. :)


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