Off the Grid: Nature Edition #ZambiaHealth

It’s quite funny how you can go from amazing wi-fi to absolutely none at all in Africa. It’s the same elsewhere, especially in the States, but there is always some way to connect wherever you are. Here in Africa, that’s not always the case so when you are in the more remote areas you have just have to do without connectivity for some time until you get back to the big city.

On Thursday we started our official trip off the grid. We drove nearly five hours from Lusaka to Choma where we stayed the night at a the Kozo lodge. Then we were up bright and early to head to Macha where we visited the Malaria Institute at Macha and the mission hospital there. More about that soon. On Saturday we drove another three hours to Livingstone where we are now. Here the wi-fi is fantastic! I love being back on the grid. So much of my daily life is being able to connect around the world. I won’t lie – I was getting a little twitchy not being able to connect, but I did get the best nights of sleep since I’ve been in Zambia simply because I had to just simply “be” with myself.

Today we fly from Livingston back to Lusaka. I am really excited to fly in country. And in all honesty, two of the things I love most about Africa are flights over the country and road trips! Here are some photos I took while off the grid in Zambia’s Southern province as well as a few from Livingstone.

Today I’m also off to see Victoria Falls. I will have tons of photos of that as well.

Talk soon!

Off the Grid Off the Grid Off the Grid Off the GridSONY DSCOff the Grid

Off the gridOff the Grid


  1. Ah lovely Jennifer! I bet this trip has really been amazing so far and I have loved following along. Victoria Falls is bound to be fabulous! I’ve always wanted to see them. Enjoy! :)


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