The Sun Finally Peeked Out Today #IRPTZ

I have been to Africa three times before this trip to Tanzania and it’s, I truly believe, the first time I’ve ever seen it pouring rain and definitely the first time I’ve ever heard thunder in Africa. Rain plus thunder in Africa have been a huge highlight of my day. It’s like seeing a different side of Africa that I’ve never experienced.

Oyster Bay

Today has been the very first “work” day of the International Reporting Project trip. We heard from the CEO of the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania, Geoffrey Kirenga, who gave us a thorough overview about agriculture in Tanzania as well as from his colleague Obey Assery who works on national nutrition efforts at the Department of Coordination of Government Business.

The issue of nutrition and its subsets, malnutrition and undernutrition, are extremely important to me because I know how the lack of it causes rampant stunting in children in developing countries and also adversely affects maternal health. If you followed my reporting from Zambia you might remember the piece I wrote: Feeding Malnourished Children in Macha, Zambia. Proper nutrition starts when a child is still in her mother’s womb, so tackling undernutrition in Tanzania requires a holistic approach and behavior change management. Look for posts about nutrition in Tanzania quite soon.

Before our meeting with Kirenga and Assery the sun briefly came out and I took a few shots. I really want to get a good view of the bay while the sun is shining. It’s been pretty gloomy all day. I can’t believe I’m waiting for the sun to come out. Clearly I took the sun for granted every time I’ve visited Africa before. More soon!


Oyster Bay


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