Oh, The Places I’ve Been: My 13 Biggest Moments of 2013

I have been thinking a lot about all of the traveling I did this year and some of the wonderful places I’ve been. As I sit here on a sunny Christmas Eve, drinking coffee, listening to Bossa Nova and my family buzz around me I can’t help but think how surreal 2013 has been. I set out at the beginning of this year to travel more. That I accomplished! When I set that goal I didn’t realize how much traveling I would actually do and where I would go. It just all came to pass and I am wonderfully grateful for it. Time flew by extremely fast this year, but before 2014 rolls around I want to jot down all of the amazing things I’ve see around the world before I forget because I WILL! My memories tend to dissipate rather quickly and then reemerge when triggered serendipitously. I have finally made the case to myself that I need a journal to write everything down for memories sake.

My Biggest Memories of 2013

13. Flew on Emirates and loved it! Emirates is my favorite airline for sure.

Emirates Flight to Lusaka

12. Saw the Indian Ocean for the first time.

This is technically Oyster Bay in Dar es Salaam. The India Ocean is just around the bend. I’ve got to go back to Dar es Salaam. I loved it, but didn’t get a chance to really explore.

11. Walked in 110+ degree weather in Delhi. It was painful, but worth every bead of sweat.

Taking pics in East Delhi

10. Flew in a 10-seater chartered flight to Arusha, Tanzania. It was an amazing flight. I love flying!

Airstrip in Tanzania. Our plane arriving to pick us up on International Reporting Project trip

9. Saw the sun go down over the Zambezi River

The Zambezi River is gorgeous, but full of crocs and hippos.

8. Visited Soweto

I count myself to have seen Soweto in my lifetime. Not sure when I will get back to South Africa, or even if I want to go back anytime soon.

7. Walked with the Maasai in northern Tanzania

Walking with the Massai
One of my favorite moments of my year!

6. Visited the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on my first visit to Seattle. First, I absolutely love Seattle. Second, I love the Gates Foundation and am honored to write for them.

bill and melinda gates foundation
Such a fun visit!

5. Saw giraffes and zebras in a national park. Tanzania

Africa is endlessly wonderful!

4. Visited Jaama Masjid in Old Delhi. I was sick as a dog on this day. I’m just glad I had enough stength to pick up my camera and snap a few pics.

Now I want to see the Taj Mahal!

3. Rode in a tuk tuk in Delhi

A little respite from the heat, but not by much!

2. Saw Mt. Kilimanjaro from the sky

One of these days I’ll climb it.

1. Saw Victoria Falls

Unbelievable! Amazing! Gorgeous!

My travel schedule starts with two weeks in India in February. After that I have no idea where I’ll be going. It’ll be somewhere new and exciting I’ll tell you that!


  1. Wow this is indeed an incredible anecdote Jennifer!! Surreal yet heartfelt, truly loved the info to bits. Also, pictures speak for themselves especially Victoria Falls and Mt Kilimanjaro top view..worth sharing. Keep up the good work and congratulations on your social media achievement!


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