Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Our Short Adventure With the Southern Snowstorm

We don’t get a heavy snowstorm here in the North Carolina piedmont very often, so when we do it is a big occasion. It began snowing heavily on Wednesday and continued snowing through Thursday afternoon halting traffic and causing everything to close down except gas stations and a few neighborhood stores.  On Thursday morning there had to be at least six inches of snow on the ground. We went out with our girls to play in it because we had the streets to ourselves!  We walked through the snow that had been hardened by a top layer of ice. We even saw cars that got stuck on our downtown streets and needed a little manpower to get them going again.

And then, puff, just like that, the snow was gone! By Friday the temperatures climbed into the low 60s and the snow quickly melted and turned into sludge. Now there are only a few patches of snow in front lawns and piled high in parking lots where the snow had been plowed. Even though the snow didn’t last long, it was a nice change of pace. Last winter was quite warm and if my memory serves correctly we had just a tiny bit of snow. Looking out of the window and seeing snow everywhere helps you remember that, yes, North Carolina still has a true winter even if we only experience it every other year or so.




  1. We’ve got so much snow right now and another foot or so coming tonight. I’m not sure where we’re going to put it all! We haven’t seen our yard since before Christmas, though it did get into the 50s in January. Such a weird winter!


  2. Hey Jennifer, yes, we are all well-aware of the chilling snowstorms that had engulfed the entire USA. Back in India, we prayed for our families and other people living there,..its good to know that the dark hours are over and may God shower His blessings upon you all!


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