The Best Part of Planning My Stay in Ethiopia

Here I am…sitting in the heart of Washington, DC…writing.

If you regularly read my blog you already know I’ve been to Ethiopia before with Save the Children, one of the most prolific and effective international NGOs that helps children and entire communities survive and thrive around the world. During that trip in December 2012, everything was arranged for me from hotel stays to site visits to transportation to most meals in order for me to tell as many stories about frontline health workers as possible.

Now that I am putting together an itinerary for the International Reporting Project‘s next global health trip to Ethiopia I’m in charge of mostly everything from program visits to logistics to finding hotels with decent Wi-Fi in remote areas. This is right in my wheelhouse and is a great privilege. I’ve been a fellow on two International Reporting Project trips and I travel extensively to low-income countries, so to now be a program manager on an upcoming IRP trip is phenomenal.

Ethiopia is a huge country and traveling from point A to point B seamlessly is going to be a challenge, but definitely doable. I’ve scouted out NGO program sites and travel throughout the country to make sure car distances are reasonable and flights in country won’t wear the fellows out. I’ll be seeing several regions of Ethiopia and many cities starting with Addis and then working my way around Ethiopia. It’s going to be an eye-opening experience to be sure and a trip that will likely change my life as all of my trips do.

The countdown continues — two more days and then I’m off to Ethiopia for 18 days!



  1. There’s so much to consider when planning a trip like this. You are the perfect person to do it. Good luck, Jennifer. And safe travels!


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