Ethiopia Dispatch: Day 14: Sneak Peek

If you have been following my journey in Ethiopia these past two weeks you know that I am here planning the next International Reporting Project‘s trip. The focus? Newborn health!

By the way, if you are a new media journalist and believe you have what it takes to report on newborn health with the International Reporting Project in Ethiopia, be sure to apply by tomorrow. The application process is extremely, extremely competitive, but if this is something in your wheelhouse, go for it!

Since I have been planning this trip I, of course, can’t share my site visits, but today I will give a sneak peek photo of what I’ve been doing in Ethiopia. There have been many site visits that will likely make it on the final June itinerary. I’ve learned a lot in these past two weeks. This next IRP trip is going to be an exceptional opportunity for journalists of all stripes to explore newborn health here in Ethiopia and all of the issues that correlate with Ethiopia’s objective of reducing newborn mortality.

Heath Extension Worker
Health extension worker

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    • I have a short day trip about three hours south of Addis before I leave on Wednesday night. I still have three more site visits and many more meetings. I’m getting everything done before I leave for home!

      Thanks – as always – for following along!


      • Great work Jennifer and keep it up! Where are you heading next? try to go to east (Harar) and you will meet wonderful people. By the way, Ethiopia has a diverse mix of ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. Try to learn as many languages as you can. 


        • Hi Murad – Thank you for your comment. I really wish I could get to Harar. Ethiopia is so big and I have had a limited amount of time that I can’t see everything unfortuantely. I hope to see more of the country the more I come back.


  1. Thank you Jennifer and God bless you for showing the good of Ethiopia for the rest of the world who remembers the bads happened to it! Welcome again and again!


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