Where to Stay in Addis Ababa

Radisson BLU Addis
Whenever I travel – no matter where I’m going from Atlanta to Lusaka – I always, always Google where I will be staying. This is true whether I am making my own reservations or if someone is making them for me. I like knowing at least a little about a hotel before I arrive. Hotel web sites are, of course, helpful, but Trip Advisor is consistently my go-to online destination to find the best reviews of hotels and restaurants. In the off-chance I find a blog review about a hotel those are perpetually the most helpful to me. With that in mind I am sharing how much I love the Radisson BLU Addis in case you might be deciding whether to stay here or not.

First, I will say that I have stayed at a Radisson BLU Dwarka in Delhi, Lusaka, and now in Addis. They all have been phenomenal. The food is great with a diverse menu. The wi-fi works very well. The rooms are new. The service is exceptional. I have never had a problem at any Radisson BLU where I’ve stayed. They are well-decorated and also very safe. Each Radisson BLU I’ve visited has had security at the gate to get in. You have to run your belongings through the security scanner. In Delhi the guards even did a search under every visiting car with a search mirror. That is always comforting.

Also, if you will be spending a lot of time in Addis for work, the location is near most government buildings. There isn’t, however, much to walk to save for a few coffee shops and a bakery down the street from the hotel. You can also walk to the Hilton in case you’d like to have lunch there or need to make travel arrangements. The one thing about the Radisson BLU is they don’t have a hotel store, so if you forget anything like batteries, deodorant, aspirin, etc, you’ll have to find it elsewhere.

There is a bank on site, three ATMs, as well as an Ethiopian Airlines office.

While both the Radison BLU Lusaka and Delhi have swimming pools, the location in Addis does not. Some of the most well-known hotels in Addis have sprawling grounds and very large pools like the Hilton and Sheraton. The Radisson BLU has a very nice coffee shop, a patio where you can eat or smoke outside, as well as a cozy lobby area where you can dine or have drinks. The Radisson BLU Addis also has a fantastic spa and gym. The spa is extremely inexpensive. Facials will cost you about $20 USD.

Radisson BLU Addis

Unlike some hotels in the States that make you pay for water in your room, the Radisson BLU provides one complimentary bottle of water each day.  I love that each room also has a minibar especially for those moments when you just want a Coke, Meta beer, or Ambo, but you don’t want to order something from room service or go downstairs.

And finally, what I really love about the Radisson BLU is their “one touch” service. If you need anything just hit the “one touch” button and the staff will get you anything you need or help you in any way they can.

Radisson BLU Addis Ababa


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