I’ve Fallen in Love With the Philippines

I have been in the Philippines all of four days and I’m already in love with this country!

First, I didn’t know that the Philippines is made up of over 7000 islands. That mere fact sounds like a challenge to me and although I won’t nearly see them all during my lifetime, I am already plotting in my mind how my family and I can see at least some of them.

I rarely come to Asia as most of you know. I’ve only been to Asia once before and that was to India. But, now I am entirely intrigued about visiting Asia more often to write about global health. I know there are challenges in southeast Asia and while I tend to primarily concentrate on sub-Saharan Africa most of the time, I think it might be time to expand my horizons slightly. There’s a big world out there!

As you probably know, if you have been following my journey, I am here with World Vision USA to see their recovery efforts after Typhoon Haiyan. I’ve written a few posts thus far. You can find them here:

I’ve also been taking slice-of-life photos while here in Tacloban. Here are a few of my favorites.

Wheels Down Tacloban
This is public transport if you can believe it. These buses called “jeepneys” are holdovers from WWII.
Filipinos are huge basketball fans. In fact, the Philippines is the second largest NBA market behind the United States — hence this driver’s seat cover, a Dwayne Wade jersey
Filipinos love basketball. Really love it!
Fresh seafood! Even the clams were moving and spitting water. I’ve never seen that at home.
I can’t say enough about the seafood. We’re on an island and it’s delicious and fresh!
I met  Crisanta V. Caimoy in Dulag, about 90 minutes from Tacloban. She is lovely!
If you follow my travels, you know I always take photos of flowers. Always!
More flowers! Different color.
Coconut mound
The Filipinos are VERY  fond of their coconut wine and many have offered it to me, even on the one-year of Typhoon Haiyan anniversary vigil route. Many make coconut wine themselves and their livelihoods were wiped out because of the storm. I don’t know. ..not sure how good coconut wine would be…
The food is really delicious here. And with  chili peppers..it’s even better!
The Pacific ocean is beautiful. ..just beautiful.


  1. I love these images, Jennifer! I’ve yet to visit Asia, but it’s high on my list, as both my daughters are huge enthusiasts of Japanese culture in particular. Thanks for sharing!

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