I Actually Learned Something New About a Coffee Drink


If you know anything about me it’s that I really love coffee! Love it! I drink coffee of all sorts all over the world. Just look at this post, My Best Coffee Moments While Traveling.

Right? It’s true.

But I learned about a new type of coffee drink on Friday afternoon just a few cities up the highway. Usually, my go-to coffee drinks are a macchiato (especially in Ethiopia), lattes, or my old stand-by, the cappuccino. But I learned about a new drink last week at Scratch in Durham’s swanky downtown district: the cortado.

A cortado? What’s that?

A cortado is primarily a cappuccino, but the steamed milk doesn’t have as much foam. And, friends, it was delicious. And I love that I learned something new. So, the next time you’re at a coffee shop, ask for a cortado.

Also, I love going to coffee shops that have actual cups. It makes the experience all worth it. In America, sometimes we just want to sit and have coffee that’s NOT served in a paper or plastic cup even if they’re recyclable! Give me a real cup or glass of coffee any day.


In other news, I am actually reading a book! You know…one that you can hold in your hands, take in every word, flip pages, and fall asleep with. I am so used to reading everything online every day that I easily and repeatedly forget how gratifying it is to just hold a book. How ridiculous is that?

Anyway, I am reading Vive La Revolution by Mark Steel about the French Revolution. I am a history lover, so this book is fun and informative.

Have you had a cortado? Where? 


  1. First time I had a cortado was in Argentina – they don’t have lattes there in most coffee shops so cortados were the closest that I could get. I agree, entirely delicious!!


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