Why This Is My Favorite Time of Year


It is always amazing to me how beautiful spring is. After a very long winter all of the flowers and leaves come out and it’s wonderful to see — exhilarating really. Even though the years seem to fly by now and days and weeks blur together nature still reminds us that there is some rhythm to the world despite the changing climate and its effects.

I am really thankful for spring. It sounds rather cliché I know, but I look forward to this time of the year just as much as I look forward to the fall after a scorching summer. And, because time flies by so much (at least to me) I am trying to stop and notice life as it goes by instead of just waking up, working, traveling, writing, going to bed and repeating the routine over and over again. I’m doing this by posting more on Instagram (jenniferjames_) because it’s nice to look at your life in photos. I haven’t always been a fan of Instagram, but last year I realized that, yes, it’s definitely worth my time and a nice tool to help me reflect.

I also love the spring because generally this is the time of year when I start traveling again. My year is oftentimes filled with a lot of travel internationally and inevitably I vow to take months off from even getting on an airplane. So, spring is also my resurgence into traveling again and that makes me incredibly and unabashedly happy!


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