Why I Won’t Be Rushing to Buy the Apple Watch

Watch Hunger Stop WatchI just read and watched a New York Times review of the Apple Watch and it looks pretty phenomenal except for one thing: if I bought one I would have to look at my wrist all day long! I’d never get anything done! I already incessantly use my phone and am addicted to notifications as hard as that is to admit! I can only imagine getting all of my notifications on my wrist. I would look at my arm constantly. It wouldn’t be pretty, friends. And, of course, I wouldn’t get rid of my phone so I would be doubly distracted by my phone and my watch.

I am quite sure (no, convinced) that there will be millions of people who will give the Apple Watch a try and will love it and will rave about it everywhere. In fact, the New York Times reviewer said he fell hard for the watch after a three-day steep learning curve.

I used to keep up with all of the latest technology but somewhere around 2012 I just didn’t care anymore. As long as my phone had every social media app I needed and I could get my email it wasn’t as important to me the type of phone I had.

Who knows: a year or so from now I might feel an overwhelming urge to buy an Apple Watch. But if I’m going to spend a fortune on a watch I’d rather buy the “Watch Hunger Stop” watch by Michael Kors. At $295, it’s not cheap, but for every purchase it will provide meals for 100 people through the World Food Programme.

What about you? Do you plan to buy the Apple Watch? 


  1. Hi, Jennifer!
    Excellent article!
    Just a few minutes ago, read this review in NYTimes. And then I saw your article.
    I fully agree with you. I do not think Apple Watch great and necessary breakthrough.
    You are entirely right in saying that the phone is much more familiar to use.
    I could not come up with what Apple Watch may be more convenient or useful, than familiar gadgets. Because I think it is not some breakthrough and innovation in the area of technology, but just another toy.
    Therefore these watches will not be on my wishlist.


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