Why I’ll Be Carrying Bling Sting

It’s a beautiful, sunny, warm Saturday morning. I’m sitting here writing and thinking back fondly on my trips to Johannesburg and listening to one of my favorite South African groups, Beatenberg. For some reason Joburg keeps calling me back.

If you read my blog often you know I travel a lot alone both domestically and internationally. That’s why I decided to review Bling Sting, even though I don’t review many products these days. Bling Sting is pepper spray with a fashionable twist. It’s perfect for me while I travel in the States because you just never know when it will come in handy. It’s better to be prepared than not in my opinion!

SONY DSCI like Bling Sting because it’s bedazzled pepper spray. I received the “Socialite” Bling Sting with confetti rhinestones.

I remember my aunt used to carry pepper spray with her everywhere. This was years and years ago – probably close to 30 years. I also remember the black case that was attached to her house and car keys. You’ve probably seen those cases. This, my friends, is a brand-new day with a much more fashionable pepper spray.

The case is very light and not clunky at all. You can also hook Bling Sting to your purse or bag if you don’t want to carry it. Both of my girls are teens now so I don’t have to worry about them accidentally spraying themselves in the eyes. That’s a great thing about having older kids. I wouldn’t recommend this for moms with little ones because they may want to play with mommy’s “pretty key chain”. But, if you travel a lot by yourself even if you have young children, I would have Bling Sting on hand that you can travel with, but not use day-to-day.

SONY DSCAlso, I’m in and out of airports a lot. According to the TSA, pepper spray, of course, cannot be carried on, but it can be checked up to 4 oz. The Bling Sting is only 0.5 oz. I will have to remember to check my pepper spray because I do not want to be caught with pepper spray by the TSA because I’m so used to carrying it.

If you’re wondering, pepper spray is legal for use as a self-defense product in all 50 states.

I love that Bling Sting has a safety lock on the spray bottle as well as an expiration date. I just received mine and it has about a two year shelf life.

If you’d like to buy Bling Sting for yourself you can purchase at www.blingsting.com and, surprisingly it’s really inexpensive — just $22.

And, with that I am leaving you with my favorite song out of South Africa.

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