Six Things I Learned From Being a Blogger for Over Ten Years

This post is short.

I understand people have limited time, so here it is!

I want to share what I have learned from being a blogger for a long, long time!

  1. Everything can wait — as long as you tell the VIPs in your life how to reach you.
  2. Sleep. Please…SLEEP! When I was growing my business, I never slept and I was the most unhealthy I have ever been. Sleep, friends. Snooze.
  3. Turn off notifications. They are addictive! Turn them off after 8 or 9 or 10 PM – whatever you’re comfortable with.
  4. Wake up early and just get in touch with yourself and your life. Listen to the birds. Watch the sun come up. Just be..for a moment.
  5. Drink lemon water before coffee. You’ll find it’s far better than coffee any day. Don’t substitute lemons for limes. It doesn’t work.
  6. Whenever it’s appropriate for you…drink really, really good white wine..on Friday or Saturday night.

Happy living!!


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