Here’s One North Carolina Vacation Island You Don’t Want to Miss

Bald Head Island marina
Bald Head Island

Last year my family and I spent a spring weekend on Bald Head Island, a pristine, lovely island off the coast of Southpoint, North Carolina and a 20 minute ferry ride across the Cape Fear river. To get to the island you park your car on the mainland and load onto the ferry. When you arrive there are shuttles that will take you to your home.

On Bald Head Island there are no cars or hotels, only homes, golf carts for transportation, a small grocery store, souvenir shops, and a few restaurants. If you really want a place to get away Bald Head Island is a vacationers’ paradise.

Since it was spring when we visited, the rate on our rental house was extremely affordable. The rate was also quite affordable because the house wasn’t on the beach. Of course, bigger oceanfront homes will run you considerably more. What we loved is that we were a quick golf cart ride from the beach, we could hear the ocean from our porch, but we didn’t have to pay as much.

Bald Head Island marian
Bald Head Island marina

Now about the house! It had two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a washer and dryer, a large kitchen and living room and extremely fast wi-fi. I even hosted a Twitter chat when we were there and it went smoothly! The house was nestled among trees so there was a lot of shade, especially on the porch where I saw an caught up with shows on Hulu and drank a nice glass of wine.

While there are a lot of ways you can rent a house on Bald Head Island we used Wendy Wilmont Properties and were extremely happy with their service.

Screened-in porch

The house was the perfect size for a family of four. The kitchen was big enough for making family meals and the living room was cozy where we watched TV and just hung out.

Our rental house.
Kids' Room
Kids’ Room
Guest book
I thought this was a nice touch.
Kicthen Nook
Kitchen Nook
Kitchen with full amenities.
Kitchen with full amenities.
Living room and kitchen nook
Living room and kitchen nook

There is also some history on the island along with 10,000 acres of nature preserves. And the best part of Bald Head Island is it has a turtle conservancy where they monitor the hatchlings and help them to the ocean every summer.

Revolutionary war history

Want to book a week or weekend on Bald Head Islanc? Summer rentals are pretty much sold out, but this would be great for anyone wanting to do once last getaway in September when it’s the off-season.

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