Time Really Flies and I Don’t Like It

Turns out that around this time of year three years ago I was in Johannesburg and two years ago in November I was in the Philippines. I would have forgotten about those amazing dates completely if it hadn’t been for Facebook. The memories feature is one of my favorite. Since time moves so quickly it is a constant reminder of some of my most memorable travel moments. I still pinch myself that I have even visited those two amazing countries.

Speaking of traveling, I am hoping to travel internationally once more before the end of the year, so time is ticking! I am grateful to have visited Nepal a few months ago, but I’m itching to go and explore somewhere again quite soon. Since time is of the essence, it’ll probably be in this hemisphere!


This morning I woke up early to get coffee before the sun officially came up today. I deeply relish the time during the fall when it’s still slightly dark around 7 am. I am not looking forward to Sunday when the time finally moves back, but that also means I get one more day to enjoy a dark 7 am. I’ll definitely be up early tomorrow morning to revel in the bliss of one more early, dark morning. It makes my day longer which means more hours to get stuff done!

I can’t believe this year will be over very soon. The moment I begin seeing Christmas commercials it’s all downhill from there. It’s a sure signal that the year is effectively over! Each day will run along at an incomprehensible, inconceivable clip. First, Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and then Christmas. 2017 will be in our face before we can think and blink.

I am hoping to slow down the rest of my year by reading more, traveling, and being intentional about everything I do…and also by waking up really early. That should do it!


  1. I feel like time is moving at warp speed these days! It was so fun to see a reminder from South Africa pop up on Facebook, and I’m forever grateful to you for that opportunity! That was my very first “reporting trip” and really learned how valuable seeing topics we cover first hand could be towards my writing. Love this photo from our trip! I look forward to seeing where you will go next!


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